AJ's BBQ and CAFE is a family owned and operated business.  They opened its door in October 2014 with one goal in mind: to share Filipino Culture and Food with our community. This is the place where you can find the most authentic, home cooked Filipino dishes in the Bay Area.  They have catered for us for events & If your in the bay area, this is a must stop place to get your cravings of Filipino cuisine! 

Agundis Tire Shop is a family owned & operated business well known for their tire shop, but since 2008 have now expanded into a full service auto shop.  They have the best deals in the bay area!  They're all about being honest to make sure their customers get the best experience entering & leaving their shop.  They continue to help many people including us when we have those surprise car troubles, just a simple oil change or new set of tires.  These guys know what to do and how to help.  Schedule or drop in to get your car serviced asap!

 These local businesses help support our basketball programs through fundraising or donations.  interested in being a sponsor?  We can advertise on our social media, website, & market with our apparel too.  contact Oliver.Q@sfbasketballacademy.com