SFBA clinic academy series


To allow athletes of all levels from K - 8th grade the opportunity to learn and develop fundamental basketball skills required to play at a competitive level. We want to provide a basketball training experience that applies proven and tested methods around basketball development.


Benjamin Franklin Intermediate School Gym 

700 Stewart Ave. Daly City, CA 

The location may change due to a school event or scheduling conflict with the school district.

There are no refunds if the location changes.


Section Times / Grade Levels

  • 6:00 PM - K - 4th Grade (up to 40 students)

  • 7:30 PM - 5th - 8th Grade (up to 40 students)


Students will be taken through a series of drills that focus on the key fundamentals of the game based on their current abilities. Each student will be placed on a team that fits their current skill level during the academy series.


  • Team 1 - Intro Group 

  • Team 2 - Foundational Group 

  • Team 3 - Performance Group

  • Team 4 - Advanced Group 


Each team will focus on the fundamentals of the game scaled to their current abilities. Team 1 players will focus on proper movement and the overall basics of the game while Team 4 will reinforce the details but utilize them more in game situations. 


Your student will be evaluated on opening night to allow our coaches best place your child in the proper group that fits their current skill level. Please DO NOT ask us to place your child in a specific group because they want to be with their friends or family members. This disrupts our ability to teach the game and makes the clinic more of a hangout spot. Your child will be placed in a group based on their ability not who they like.


Drills will be taught to allow players to develop proper technique as well as how to utilize them in-game situations. 


There are NO refunds on your registration fees unless SF Basketball Academy cancels the program session you have registered for. Your fees can only be applied to another session or another program we offer or will offer in the future.

What to bring

1) All students must wear proper basketball shoes

2) Students should be in proper basketball attire such as basketball shorts, t-shirt, etc. 

3) Only water is allowed in the gym area. Any other beverages must be kept in the lobby